Change the World

Student Social Entrepreneurs at UF

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Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

Brownbag & Brainstorm: one Thursday each month from 12-1pm in the Innovation Cafe

Dinner with a Social Entrepreneur: one Thursday each month, join us for dinner at a local restaurant to hear from the owner about their social entrepreneurial, sustainable, and “slowfood” efforts; in partnership with Slow Food UF & UF NetImpact.

Some of our past events:


March 29, 2006: Gimme Green: America's Obsession with Lawns. Flint 111, 8:00 pm


March 8, 2007: Come on out to see a great film! This month, we'll be watching Gimme Green, a locally made film about the economic and environmental drain of America's obsession with lawns. It'll be at 8 pm in Flint 111. Don't miss it!

March 21, 2007: Our annual Fair Trade Fair is back! We've teamed up with our good friends from Students Making Trade Fair, FAB, and Sweetwater Coffee to bring you a fantastic, informative event about Fair Trade coffee, tea, and crafts. Check it out, it'll be around 7 pm, place TBD.

March 29, 2007: Hang out Steven Cohen! We invite you to hear Steven share his story about being a Social Entrepreneur -- founding a non-profit organization, Friends for Life of America, while a student at UF. This discussion of visionary leadership is designed to inspire and empower you. We're still working on a time, but check back here soon!

April 12, 2007: Head back to Flint 111 at 7:30 pm for another great film (TBD).

April 19, 2007: Final general meeting of the year in Flint 111 at 8:30 pm.